Mission & Vision


To constantly explore better medical technologies in order to provide optimal medical care in accordance with societal needs and contribute to the promotion of human health.


A center ideal for the creation of medical technologies where specialists unite as they continue to refine their skills.

Role & Function

The Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTR) supports research and development in a variety of ways.

  • We accept requests for clinical trials early on in the process, including Phase I trials.
  • We welcome to aid investigator-led trials for early-stage research ideas (seeds) from academia as an academic research organization (ARO)
  • We offer pre-clinical support which may include design, evaluation, and regulatory compliance for nonclinical studies
  • We provide a wide range of research resources required for both basic research and non-clinical development.
  • We offer the commercialization know-how needed for intellectual property strategies, joint research, and licensing.

It is the feature of this center that our staff closely cooperate and support research and development with seamless total package

Support for Clinical Research & Trials

As an ARO, we are fully equipped for data management, biostatistics, monitoring, and project management, which allows us to undertake GCP-level research and trials. The CTR is furnished with a Phase I ward suited to the early and exploratory stages of clinical trials. We are focused on supporting investigator-initiated trials for research and development both within and outside Keio University. Academics with early-stage research ideas, commonly known as "seeds", are encouraged to contact the CTR for more information.

Support for Non-Clinical Development

We provide support from the non-clinical trial stages, focusing on universities, research institutes, and companies new to the field of medicine. Industry experts advise on study design, evaluation, and regulatory compliance for non-clinical studies. We also offer research resources that include omics analysis and robot screening. In addition, we provide rental research spaces at the Keio University School of Medicine, where state-of-the-art equipment is made available for research and development.

Support for Commercialization

We give university and research institute-focused support for comprehensive intellectual property strategies, from patent acquisition to licensing. In addition, we actively share our early-stage research advancements with industry in an effort to find corporate partners for joint research and development. If you are looking for new targets for drug discovery or disease models, or want to further develop your company's technology for medical care, please contact us. The CTR, in concert with other departments at Keio, is working for better, more diverse collaborations between industry and academia.