Division of Regenerative Medicine Support

In the Division of Regenerative Medicine Support, we support preclinical basic research in regenerative medicine for various pathological and physical conditions. We also support clinical research of cellular and gene therapy products that have already been applied overseas, so that they can be delivered to patients as soon as possible in both universities and other medical institutions. Our division has the following three units that provide administrative support.

RM Support Unit


In response to various needs at each development stage, we support researchers from application for research grants to first-in-human (FIH) clinical trials.

RM Administration Unit


The RM Administration Unit support both IND and non-IND clinical research projects to comply with the regulatory requirements (e.g., applicable laws, ethics guidelines and institutional SOPs) to secure academic achievements and to improve R&D efficiency. Also, the unit provides valuable advises to promote good communication with regulatory authorities, IRBs and institutions and to accelerate preparation of essential documents.

Cell Processing Support Unit


The Cell Processing Support Unit provides the facility for manufacturing cell products for clinical trials. It also supports administrative work related to manufacturing.

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